Clifton Corner:  ​A Private Practice

of Educational Therapy

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Our New Home:

~ 10 Church Lane in Scarsdale, New York ~

The Clifton Corner has now officially landed in a cozy office in the Village of Scarsdale, New York! 

Our new address is in the beautiful setting of St James the Less.

You can travel via car--or the train station is just a five minute walk to the office. 

Please read these directions carefully,

as the Corner is located inside the larger church facility:

When approaching the parish, please navigate from Crane Road, as the entry and exit are one-way streets.

As you enter the church parking lot, drive past the red door on your left and look for the leaded glass doors that say "Parish Houses and Offices," across from the the flag and bell. 

(Sometimes the church parking lot is quite full with other community activities and meetings. 

Many apologies, and thanks for your patience with finding a spot!)

For security, the church doors are usually locked.  Please press the buzzer by the right entry, and you will be admitted in the building.  If it is after-hours, just text my cell and I will come downstairs to open the door.

Enter the parlor directly across the hall, and make yourself at home. 

There are restrooms just around the corner.

If the parlor is full, there is a nice bench just down the hall.

(When you exit, please drive down the hill, past the cemetery to enter Church Lane.)

Waiting Room / Parlor

I will come down the stairs and get your kiddo when it's time for your session!

* Please use library voices while waiting,

as there are other professionals working in the building. *

You can stay and read and relax in the parlor, or step out to explore the shops and cafes of lovely Scarsdale.