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What is an Initial Family Consultation?

After a complimentary consult on the phone with Sandra to trade notes about your child's current academic obstacles, parents coordinate a calendar date to visit the Clifton Corner, which is scheduled at least 48-hrs in advance of the actual appointment. All meetings are held in Sandra's private practice: a professional office in Scarsdale. At least one parent (and preferably all adults) attend/s this initial session with their daughter or son.

An Initial Family Consultation is a friendly "Meet and Greet" at the Corner, usually lasting 40-50 minutes in length--or virtually, which is often a shorter time online, with a separate follow-up with parents afterward. Sandra offers this second complimentary visit with families to assess if her unique approach to educational therapy and academic coaching services are a good fit to meet your child's individual needs, serve specific scholastic objectives, and achieve desired goals. During this time, Sandra provides a prospective family the space to express concerns about the current educational journey and to ask clarifying questions about learning opportunities at the Corner.

Who attends the Initial Corner Consultation and why is it important?

Consultations are a vital part of the Clifton Corner process. This meeting allows Sandra to obtain important information in order to begin creating a tailored, specific, and individualized learning plan. The Initial Corner Consultation is an opportunity to brainstorm and troubleshoot about concerns and challenges in order to establish an ongoing, supportive relationship together.  Student success is best achieved through a team effort, and the Family Consultation helps Sandra to facilitate and coordinate efforts between home, school and other allied professionals for better academic results and improved social-emotional health.

Rates are not discussed during this process until families have met in person with Sandra, and a mutual match is agreed upon for going forward.  At that point, a Welcome Packet is shared with parents that outlines the cost of a coaching chapter, which is usually at least once a week for three months, or twelve sessions.

Specific strategies are *not devised* during these exploratory consultations, as creating the best supports for your child is an intricate and involved process.  Only after important intake materials have been gathered and reviewed does Sandra begin creating a learning plan for your individual son or daughter.  Even a simple forecast of what will happen in sessions is not part of the Initial Family Consultation, as each client is unique and careful preparation is needed to address these and other complex questions.

What happens after the Initial Family Consultation?

Following the Initial Consultation, if both the family and Sandra agree that the Corner is a "good fit," weekly sessions and a monthly schedule are created to support your student’s needs at this time; then the Client Agreement, Parent Consent, and required paperwork are completed and signed. If appropriate, parents also share important contact information about other professionals on the learning team, so that Sandra can begin collaborating with them as well.  These steps must be finalized to officially open a file for your son or daughter to begin sessions at the Corner.  Report reading is only offered once paid services begin with a family.

Please Note:  Because both consultations (phone and office) are completely complimentary, Sandra asks that families communicate in a timely manner about any scheduling shifts and their final decision about moving forward for support at the Corner.  In addition, your family's completed intake forms are the "passport" for our time together during this step of the process.

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