Summer Enrichment 2019

If you're a little behind...or want to get ahead~!

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Ready Readers & Resilient Writers~!

Small-group instruction will be offered for rising 5th & 6th graders to develop better reading, writing, organization and critical thinking skills through a curriculum of individualized attention and creative activities. 

Participants are supported in a nurturing environment to build tools for stronger self-esteem, perseverance, and academic confidence for a smooth and successful transition to middle school.

The High School Edge...

You know you need it, but are not quite sure how to get it.  Success at high school is like any other sport:  you have to learn the inner game to become successful.

Sandra will help to identify the strategies YOU need for better organization, note-taking, test prep, writing, reading, and critical thinking skills to develop the extra-edge needed to succeed with more confidence and consistency for freshman year--and beyond.

Whether it's writing a college essay or just catching up on study skills for a new year of challenges,

Sandra is here to help this summer ~ !